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GAS 50


For use on PX&PE/AL composite gas pipe. Tested on a range of brands.

The Snap Gas 50 is a metal, cast-in or retro-fit collar, and is designed for both wall and floor applications.

At this stage assessments are available for Gaspex, Iplex and Rehau pipes.

Tested to AS1530.1-2005

Approved for use in the following situations:

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Retro-fit Application Diameters Report No.
Rehau PX-AL-PE (Floor) 40 FSP1340
Rehau PX-AL-PE (Wall) 40 FSP1341
Gaspex PX-AL-PX (Floor) 32 FSP1339
Gaspex PX-AL-PX (Wall) 32 FSP1341
Iplex PE-Al-PE (Floor) 50 FSP1339
Iplex PE-AL-PE (Wall) 50 FSP1341
Cast-In Application    
Rehau PX-AL-PE  40 FSP1340
Gaspex PX-AL-PE 32, 50 FSP1340
Iplex PE-AL-PE 32 FSP1340

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